This Is What The Passenger Planes Of The Future Will Look Like

Virtually anyone traveling on a plane would prefer to have their self-contained seat with a bit more space to stretch out their legs. Luckily for all of us, aircraft designers are currently working on creating much more comfortable conditions for all kinds of travelers.

Here’re some of the best innovations that may soon be coming to your next flight. Some of these ideas are ingenious!

A personal entertainment system

The crucial next step towards ensuring the aircraft industry becomes greener is the full electrification of commercial aircraft. Making announcements via things like Facebook is currently the peak of technological savviness for most airlines. But some of them are beginning to introduce built-in individual entertainment centers in their aircraft.

An in-flight help system

The Dutch company AirFi equips low-cost airlines with a special wireless system that uploads passenger information directly to your device. It offers you the chance to read in-flight magazines, select movies to watch, order food, and make duty-free purchases. Sounds incredible, isn’t it?

Super comfy seats with VR technology

Enjoying all the innovations that airlines plan to offer you will be much easier if you’re sitting in a super comfortable seat. That’s right — perhaps the most sought-after thing on a flight is soon set to become a reality. What’s more, Qantas plans to introduce a set of VR goggles to allow you to relax more easily while enjoying this new level of comfort. All of this is already available on some of their first-class flights.

Virtual reality instead of the Internet

A lot of passengers make use of Netflix or Amazon to keep themselves entertained during a flight. But most of the airlines would like to compete with entertainment providers such as these. Transavia, the budget airline, run by Air France/KLM, and the Australian company Qantas are currently testing virtual reality technology as a way to provide alternative entertainment to their passengers.

Movie theater seats

Good news for movie lovers! The famous Italian company Aviointeriors is designing special airline seats that fold up when no one’s sitting in them, in a system analogous to that found in cinemas. For those traveling in economy class, this will make moving around the cabin much easier.

Watch a movie during your flight, and you’ll probably feel like you’re at the cinema rather than on a plane.

Individual sleeping cabins

An innovation designed by the company Factory Design, called ’Air Lair,’ might just be the icing on the cake when it comes to airline technology: this company plans to introduce individual sleeping ’cacoons’ instead of seats.

Passengers will be able to relax in these stunning cabins with their individual light, sound source, and temperature regulator. These special seats are designed to make better use of the interior of the plane’s cabin but require a considerable investment. Hopefully, this innovation will help us to forget about the jet lag!