Prices in Thailand-The Complete Guide

Thailand is a world-renowned destination for its beaches, mountains, culture, and food. It’s at the top of most traveler’s wish list, and it’s easy to see why it’s grown in popularity. Thailand is also a country whose economy and infrastructure is focused on tourism. Because of this, many visitors feel frustrated with the atmosphere and often complain that they feel like walking ATMs. The best way to enjoy your time here is to relax, let things roll off your back, be prepared for frustrations, and make a point of getting outside of the most touristy areas. If you stay around the tourist crowds, you’ll have only a limited opportunity to see the authentic side of Thailand.

For a lot of things, Thailand is very cheap. A meal can be had for 20B in some roadside restaurants, a cheap room in a guesthouse for 100B or less. For better quality, the price goes up, but it remains a very good value compared to western countries. How much money you spend in Thailand obviously depends largely on what you do. The northern parts of the country are both more cultural and also more affordable. Accommodation and food on the beaches can be much more expensive, and in some places, reservations are required as the rooms can fill up quickly. The quality can also be frustratingly poor in some places, so do make sure you see the room or read reviews before committing to a place.

I collected in one article all the information about prices in Thailand. Here you’ll find the prices for food, clothing, transportation, and excursions, and also average costs of rental accommodations.
These average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget.

Note: All prices are in Thai baht. Your current exchange rate may affect prices, and you’ll always find exceptions for these daily living expenses in Thailand.

Thai Baht Exchange Rate:

  • $1 ~ 30.20 Thai Baht (฿)

Mobile Internet

Internet connection in Thailand has been improved drastically in the past decade by expanding high-speed Internet access as a priority, especially in rural areas. Major cities like Bangkok or tourist hubs like Chiangmai or Pattaya have widespread coverage of the Internet as well.

Apart from physical data sim cards, travelers can now use eSIM in Thailand to use the data seamlessly and hassle-free. With eSIM, tourists will only need to scan the QR code to install on their phone and start using right after landing in Thailand without queuing at the card stores at airports or paying delivery fees for sim cards like previously. This is considered a breakthrough in the tourism and technology sectors that you shouldn’t miss.

Prices for food and products in Thailand

The food in Thailand is absolutely delicious. It is generally served quite spicy and can overwhelm many people’s palates. If you’re hoping for a milder variety of a specific dish, ask for it with “no spice.” While many locals don’t understand the word mild, they do understand “no spice.” They usually abide by these instructions, but not always.
Western food nearly always costs more than Thai food in restaurants.

At restaurants, it is usual to leave any coins given as change as a tip – This is why 20฿ change will almost always be given to you in coins rather than a 20฿ note!


  • A plate of Thai food, some rice and a soft drink at an average small restaurant – 40 ฿-70 ฿ ($1,3-2,3)
  • A plate of western-style food and a soft drink in a tourist-orientated restaurant – 150 ฿ – 300 ฿ ($5-10)
  • Meal for two at a high-quality Thai restaurant – 300 ฿-500 ฿ ($10-16,5)
  • Macdonald’s BigMac Meal – Small/Large – 85฿/92฿ ($2,8/$3)
  • Domestic Beer (0.5-liter draught) – 79.50 ฿ ($2,6)
  • Imported Beer (0.33-liter bottle) – 120.00 ฿ ($4)
  • Cappuccino (regular) – 60.85 ฿ ($2)
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) – 19.34 ฿ ($0,6)
  • Water (0.33 liter bottle) -10.49 ฿ ($0,3)

Inexpensive Street Food

  • A meal on the street consisting of rice, vegetables, and a little meat on a single plate – 30 ฿ – 50 ฿ ($1 – $1.75)
  • Big entire meals of street food with a selection of dishes and whole fish- 60 ฿ – 210 ฿ ($2 – $7)
  • Grilled chicken and sticky rice from a street vendor – 20 ฿ ($0,7)
  • Packet of Thai kanom (snacks/sweets) – 10 ฿ ($0,35)

Average prices for products in markets 

Milk (regular), (1 liter) 52.91 ฿ $1,7
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g) 37.71 ฿ $1,24
Rice (white), (1kg) 37.38 ฿ $1,23
Eggs (regular), (12) 49.96 ฿ $1,6
Local Cheese (1kg) 580.64 ฿ $19,2
Chicken Breasts, (1kg) 79.89 ฿ $2,6
Beef Round (1kg) 337.18฿ $11,1
Apples (1kg) 85.10 ฿ $2,8
Banana (1kg) 32.68 ฿ $1,07
Oranges (1kg) 61.66 ฿ $2,03
Tomato (1kg) 39.53 ฿ $1,3
Potato (1kg) 41.56 ฿ $1,37
Onion (1kg) 32.46 ฿ $1,07
Lettuce (1 head) 27.92 ฿ $0,92
Water (1.5-liter bottle) 16.33 ฿ $0,53
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 599.50 ฿ $19.7
Domestic Beer (0.5-liter bottle) 56.16 ฿ $1,85
Imported Beer (0.33-liter bottle) 93.54 ฿ $3,08
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) 140.00 ฿ $4,6

Prices for alcohol in Thailand

The range of alcoholic drinks in Thailand is huge. In any shop, you can find imported drinks: whiskey, Italian wine, Russian vodka, French liqueurs, in General, everything your heart desires. The cheapest way to drink in Thailand is to purchase alcohol from a 7/11 or other convenience stores. There is also a wide selection of local alcoholic beverages at very low prices.

  • A big bottle of local beer – 35 – 65฿ ($1 – $2)
  • 1 L bottle of whiskey – 155 – 410฿ ($5 – $13)
  • Wine (0,7 litres ) – 170฿ ($5,6)
  • Rum (0,7 litres ) – 270฿ ($8,9)
  • Whiskey (0,7 litres ) – 240฿ ($7,9)
  • Brandy (0,35 litres ) – 220฿ ($7,3)
  • Lao Khao (0,33 litrs) – 48฿ ($1,6). This is the cheapest alcohol rice whiskey. Tastes nasty and very painful in the morning, “swill.”
  • Red Cock and the Black Cock (a bottle of 0.7 litres) – 120฿ ($4). These are two types of transparent Scotch. The taste and smell remind brew with a light aroma and sweet taste.

Sample cost of attractions in Thailand

  • Grand Palace Entrance in Bangkok – 250฿ ($8)
  • Bangkok snake farm and show – 210฿ ($7)
  • Thai cooking course – 1,200฿ ($40) for a day
  • Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam nature park in Krabi – 50฿ ($2)
  • Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi (pet tigers) – 400฿ ($13)
  • Thai massage: 200฿ ($7) per hour

Prices for transport and car/motorbike rental in Thailand


Taxis are in abundance all over Bangkok, and the fare starts at 30฿ ($1) and goes up from there. Going to most places within central Bangkok should not cost more than 150฿ ($5).

BTS / MRT: The BTS is an elevated train, while the MRT is an underground train. The lines are not overly extensive, though they do cover the main center of Bangkok. The fare costs anywhere from 20 – 40฿ ($0.75 – $1.50) per ride depending on length.

Buses are quite easy to use and cover Bangkok with the most extensiveness. Fares are anywhere from 6.50 – 20฿ ($0.25 – $0.75) depending on the route and what kind of bus. If you plan to take buses, I would recommend purchasing a bus map route before getting started.

Tuk Tuks: Many tourists like to take tuk-tuks for the thrill, but taxies are usually cheaper unless you know how to negotiate – upwards of 30฿ ($1) for a ride.

Motorcycle Taxis: Used for short distances or down neighborhood roads for 10 – 20฿ ($0.25 – $0.75) per ride.

Out of Bangkok

There are loads of options for traveling around the country of Thailand. Buses are easy and efficient, and there is a big range of transportation classes.


  • VIP from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (10 hours) – 700฿ ($23)
  • Standard class from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (10 hours) – 370฿ ($12)
  • VIP class from Bangkok to Krabi (12 hours) – 820฿ ($27)
  • Standard class from Bangkok to Krabi (12 hours) – 370฿ ($12)
  • The local 4-hour bus ride from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet (4 hours to Cambodian border) – 210฿ ($7)


  • 1st Class Sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (12 hours) – 1,250฿ ($40) with own bed and air condition
  • 3rd Class train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (12 hours) – around 250฿ ($8)
  • If you are really on a budget, I took the 3rd class train from Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani (12 hours) – 250฿ ($8)


Air Asia offers the most competitive prices on budget flights. Two months or so in advance, and it’s possible to get a flight from Bangkok to Phuket for 1,000-1,500฿ ($33 – $50) one-way.

If you’re on a budget, it’s best to map out your main flights and purchase them in advance while planning your trip. That’s when you’re likely to get the best deals!
You can use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flight deals. If you’re itinerary is somewhat flexible, you can use the “show whole month” function to show the cheapest days to fly on your route.

Rental Costs (including fuel)

Tip: The longer you rent the vehicle— The cheaper your daily cost will be.

Remember to negotiate and shop around. If you are somewhere for more than a handful of days, most rental agencies will drop the price if you ask, so always ask!

Motorbikes/ Scooters Rental:

Daily Cost: 200฿ ($6)
Deposit: 1000฿ ($32)
If you are renting for a few days to a week, the rental company will usually drop the price to 150฿ ($5) a day. Monthly rentals can be as cheap as 60-100฿ ($2-3) per day.

Car Rental:

Daily Cost: 500฿ ($16)
Deposit: 3000- 5000฿ ($32- $160)
The standard daily cost for renting a car in Thailand is 500฿ ($16), and the deposit can range anywhere from 3000฿ ($32) to 5000฿ ($160). Budget Catcher has a 5000฿ deposit, but if you go with a local Thai person, you probably will only be asked for 3000฿.


30฿ ($1) per liter on average,
There are all different grades of gasoline in Thailand, so make sure to check with the rental company which gas your bike or car takes.

Prices for accommodation rental in Thailand

With the range of tourists that visit Thailand, there is also a giant selection of accommodation and price ranges.

  • Dorm beds: 100-200฿ ($3 – $7) per night
  • Double rooms with fans: throughout most of Thailand, go for 200-300฿ ($7 – $10) per night.
  • Double rooms with air-con: usually in the range of 300-500฿ ($10 – $17) per night
  • The next step up will include hotel-like conditions with cold air conditioning, fridges, and sometimes even safe boxes: 600-1000฿ ($20 – $33) per night for a double
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Center: 13,962.91 ฿ Monthly ($462)
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Center: 8,378.15 ฿ Monthly ($265)
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Center: 36,740.10 ฿ Monthly ($1221)
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Center: 19,892.18 ฿ Monthly ($660)