Russia for first-timers: 10 Important Things You Need To Know Before Travel

Russia, the world’s largest nation, borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. This amazing country beguiles and fascinates with its world-class art, epic landscapes, and multifaceted society. You may also find that perseverance and a sense of humor will go a long way in enriching your first-time Russian travel experience. When visiting Russia, there are things you must know before travel. You can find here some very important information before traveling to Russia.


Do not neglect to apply for a Russian Visa at any Russian Embassy of your nation before you come to Russia. Typically Russian travel offices and lodgings give a Visa Support letter essential for a Russian Visa application. If you don’t mind, contact the Russian Embassy of your nation for more data. If amid your visit to Russia you plan to visit Finland, Estonia, Ukraine, or another neighbor Russian nation and return to Russia, keep in mind to apply for a twofold passage Russian Visa.


Once you are in Russia, it is a smart thought to convey a photocopy of your travel permit with you at all times. Additionally, leave your identification number and other data with a relative in your country on the off chance that the visa is stolen or lost. In every city you visit in Russia, your visa must be approved. The inn you are staying freely can perform this administration. Note that the enrollment in the lodgings regularly costs 1 USD per visa, yet the cost for enlistment in new mini-hotels more often than not varies from 20 USD to 40 USD per travel permit. On the off chance that you come to Russia as a visitor, not a vacationer, and stay at Russian home, you ought to be enlisted in a police office.

Warning: Don’t be surprised if the police stop you, and always carry a photocopy of your passport, visa, and registration, and present them when an officer demands to see your documents.


All costs are by large cited Russian rubles. You might trade cash at lodgings, banks, and money trade booths. Explorer’s checks are difficult for money. Visas are acknowledged in many places that work with remote voyagers. Some might turn down American Express. Visa and MasterCard are known, henceforth – all the more regarded. ATMs are broadly accessible in real urban areas, yet note: they don’t have letters on the key cushion, so if you PIN letters, do recollect that them as digits! Try not to trade cash in the avenues if local Russian offers to offer you rubles. Continuously convey some money with you since numerous shops don’t acknowledge charge cards. Keep in mind to change your rubles into dollars before you leave Russia. Most trade offices outside Russia won’t change rubles.


The nature of the water in Russia fluctuates from spot to put. It is prescribed to drink and brush your teeth with filtered water. Additionally, attempt to keep away from the ice, crude sustenance, and vegetables.


Taxi charges are arranged before you start making a trip to your destination. Abstain from taking unlicensed taxicabs, as these drivers, for the most part, sit tight to take a point of interest of nonnatives. Likewise, take note that driving from (or to) air terminal is entirely costly notwithstanding for American or European norms. It is more secure and less expensive to request an airplane terminal, and train station moves in the travel organization where you book you’re sitting tight.

Excursions and Tours

We prompt that you ought to arrange your trips, theater tickets, and visits to your travel organization before you come to Russia. The lodging rates for these administrations rely on upon the class of the inn, and they are regularly higher than travel agencies’ costs for the same administrations.
Warning: Be very careful about photographing stations, official-looking buildings and any military-security structure – DON’T take their photos!


Tipping is progressively expected at restaurants and bars. Tips ought to be somewhere between 10 and 50%.


Most enormous lodgings offer its visitors Internet access for an expense. There are likewise entirely shabby web bistros in large urban communities.

Medical Care

If you take any physician recommended pharmaceutical, maker certain to bring enough of it for the whole span of your excursion, as a few solutions are occupied in Russia. It is additionally prudent to bring some standard over-the-counter prescriptions with you. These pharmaceuticals are typically sold in drug stores. However, the names are in Russian, and most store assistants don’t communicate in English.

Contact your medical coverage organization already to discover what your protection arrangement offers if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis. Numerous protection suppliers offer specific riders that can cover emergency clearing. We do suggest purchasing travel insurance or protection.


The Telegraph

Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and St Petersburg is not a cheap destination either. As a foreigner you’ll also find yourself paying more than a Russian for some museums – often as much as ten times the price Russians pay. If you’re a student, flashing your ID can save you money at museums and other institutions. In restaurants, you can go for ‘business lunches,’ which are a great value and very filling. The latest fad in the major cities are ‘anti-cafes,’ where you pay by the minute and can enjoy coffee, tea, juices, snacks, and wi-fi.