Essential things to know before travelling to Saudi Arabia

travelling to Saudi Arabia

Alongside visiting popular destinations in Europe, holidaymakers everywhere are beginning to branch further out and explore alternative nations for their travel escapades. One of them is certainly Saudi Arabia, with the country’s tourism infrastructure improving all the time.

Officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this nation in West Asia is beginning to appeal to even more people in 2023. Thanks to the nation’s ancient history, which has helped inspire movies like Theeb from 2014 and leading games of today like the Desert Treasure casino slot, people have become more curious about Saudi Arabia and everything it has to offer. Alongside the nation’s rich cuisine and modern culture, an adventure in this part of the world is truly unique and serves up the contrasting travel experience that many people of today seek out.

Before embarking on your Saudi Arabian vacation, though, there are some essential things you should know. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

It’s a very welcoming country.

travelling to Saudi Arabia

Despite what many people think, Saudi Arabian culture is big on hospitality. In fact, it’s central to their culture. The people of Saudi Arabia will be extremely happy to see you if you’re respectful, with women in particular having to remember not to shake the hands of the opposite sex. While this particular requirement might take some getting used to, it’s a small sacrifice to make, given the huge amount of love you’re likely to receive during your adventures there. You’ll be welcomed with open arms wherever you stay, you’ll be treated to some delicious traditional cuisine, and you’ll be able to enjoy immersing yourself in the country’s rich culture.

Make sure you venture to AlUla.

A must-visit location in the country, venturing to AlUla is definitely worthwhile. An ancient desert oasis filled with beauty, it’s found in the nation’s northwest and boasts plenty of ancient history and an array of wondrous sights that will gain plenty of likes on Instagram and make for a fascinating watch on YouTube. It also boasts a selection of stunning hotels and even caravans to enjoy for an evening or two, making the journey to AlUla a must.

Buckle up!

Another thing to keep in mind during your trip around Saudi Arabia is that you’re likely to experience the country’s crazy roads. In terms of road safety, Saudi Arabia has a lot to fix, but it’s certainly getting there. Despite seatbelts only being mandatory for drivers and passengers in the front, you should still buckle up if you’re in the back. Given the abundance of attractions to witness in the flesh throughout the country, such as The Rig and Six Flags Qiddiya, you’ll undoubtedly be traveling on the roads quite a lot.

You can wear more than you might think.

travelling to Saudi Arabia

While it certainly is a conservative Islamic country, and you should pay attention to what you’re wearing on a daily basis, public life is changing, and attitudes towards certain clothing are with it. For women, hijabs (headscarves) and cloak-like abayas aren’t mandatory these days. While you’re traveling there, it’s probably best for women to cover their shoulders and knees and avoid wearing any revealing or tight-fitting clothing that could offend. Female travelers don’t have to wear a traditional robe or an abaya, though. Ultimately, dress as conservatively as possible and perhaps speak to local people or hotel staff about what’s acceptable in your particular part of the country.

Other things to consider include how many public spaces will be segregated, how you can enjoy alcohol in hotels, and how feeding the tourism industry creates more opportunities for female tour guides.