Prices in Bali – The Complete Guide

Bali – one of the world’s top tropical travel destinations. Its rich traditions, colorful ceremonies, and unique culture make it different from its neighbors, but the Island of the Gods also offers a wide variety of accommodations and entertainment all around. And it is better to know prices in Bali and your way.

I collected in one article all the information about prices in Bali. Here I’ll talk about the prices for food, clothing, transportation, and excursions, and also average costs of rental accommodations in Bali island.

There are some useful tips, which will help to avoid trouble while relaxing on this beautiful Island.

Indonesian Rupiah Exchange Rate:

  • $1 ~ 14,000 IDR (Rp)

Mobile Internet

Bali, Indonesia, is now embracing eSIM technology as well. This is a digital SIM card embedded directly into devices like smartphones and smartwatches without having to insert a physical SIM card, but you will scan the QR code instead. Many tourists now enjoy the convenience of activating mobile plans online in seconds using eSIM in Indonesia, especially while on an island like Bali, where the distance becomes a matter.

Prices for food and products in Bali 

 Expensive restaurants

  • Snaks –  200,000-300,000 Rp ($14,3-21,5)
  • Fish dishes – 300,000 Rp ($21,5)
  • Meat dishes – 400,000-500,000 Rp  ($29-36)
  • Side dishes – 85,000 Rp ($6)
  • Tea – 60,000 Rp ($4,4)
  • Coffee espresso – 60, 000 Rp ($4,4)
  •  Heiniken beer – 100,000 Rp($7)
  • Tequila – 275,000 Rp ($19,5)
  • Vodka Absolut – 130,000 Rp ($9,3)
  • Water – 15,000 Rp ($1,1)

 Expensive national cuisine restaurants

  • Snaks– 75,000-100,000 Rp ($5,4-7)
  • Salads – 100,000-140,000 Rp  ($7-10)
  • Main dishes – 140,000-200,000 Rp ($10-14)
  • Side dishes – 20,000-60,000 Rp ($1,3-4,4). For example, steamed rice costs 20,000 Rp ($1,3)

Inexpensive cafes (Warungs)

One of the many aspects that makes Bali a sensational place to visit is the availability of cheap and tasty food. The most common type of eating establishment in Bali is the warung, the small local cafe-type places that traditionally serve local food but have adapted to accommodate foreign pallets.

Average prices for Breakfast in Warungs:

  • Omelet with onion, paprika, and mushrooms – 38,000 Rp ($2,7)
  •  Omelet, sausages, bacon, and mushrooms – 60,000 Rp ($4,4)
  • Pancakes – 32,000 Rp ($2,3)
  • Fruit assortment– 40,000 Rp  ($2,85)

Average prices for Lunch in Warungs:

  • Salads and Snaks – 50,000-60,000 Rp ($3,6-4,4). For example, Caesar salad – 60,000 Rp ($4,4)
  • Soups – 30,000-40,000 Rp ($2,15-2,85)
  • Pasta, spaghetti – 50,000-70,000 Rp ($3,6-5)
  • Main Dishes – 65,000-90,000 Rp ($4,6-6,3)
    • Fish and Chips — 80,000 Rp ($5,7)
    • Chicken with rice – 70,000 Rp ($5)
  • Sandwiches and Burgers – 50,000-95,000 Rp ($3,6-6,8). For example:
    • Sandwich with vegetables  – 50,000 Rp ($3,6)
    • Sandwich with chicken – 67,000 Rp ($4,7)
    • Sandwich with fish  – 75,000Rp ($5,4)

Average prices for products in markets 

The cost of food in supermarkets in Indonesia is slightly higher than in local markets.

Milk (regular), (1 liter)  23,120 Rp $1,78
Fresh White Bread (500g) 16,000 Rp $1,27
Rice (white), (1kg) 10,500 Rp $0,81
Eggs (regular), (10) 15,200 Rp $1,17
Cheese (1kg) 85,000 Rp $6,53
Chicken Breasts (1kg) 50,000 Rp $3,6
Beef (1kg) 135,000 Rp $10,38
Tomato (1kg) 19,000 Rp $1,46
Potato (1kg) 16,700 Rp $1,28
Soy Milk (1 liter) 16,000 Rp $1,23
Banana (1kg) 18,000 Rp $1,32
Oranges (1kg) 40,000 Rp $2,85
Apples (1kg) 35,6000 Rp $2,52
Water (1,5 liter bottle) 5,700 Rp $0,44
Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 300,000 Rp $21,5
Local Beer (0,5 liter bottle) 19,000 Rp $1,35
Imported Beer (0,33 liter bottle) 32,300 Rp $2,48
Cigarettes 20 Pack (Malboro) 20,000 Rp $1,3

Prices for alcohol in Bali

Alcohol in Bali Island is quite expensive.

  • A small can of beer:
    • in a store – 19,000 Rp ($1,35)
    • in a bar or a nightclub – 25,000 Rp ($1,8)
  • A large bottle of beer:
    • in a store – 32,000 Rp ($2,31)
    • in a bar or a nightclub – 50,000 Rp ($3,6)
  • Cocktails in clubs – 100,000 Rp ($7)
  • Liqueur (750 ml.) – 375,000 Rp ($26,7)
  • Local Wine Hatten (750 ml) – 165,000 Rp ($11,8)
  • Two Islands Wine (750 ml) – 200,000 Rp ($14,3)
  • Vodka Smirnoff – 450,000 Rp ($32,4)
  • Bacardi Gold Rum – 640,000 Rp ($45,5)
  • Jack Daniels Whiskey – 800,000 Rp ($57,74)

Prices for clothes and shoes in Bali 

cost of living in Bali

Most tourists buy clothes in markets or in shops near the beach. Here are the average prices for that clothing and accessories:

  • Leather Belt for Male – 80,000-150,000 Rp ($5,7-10,9)
  • Summer Dress – 45,000-80,000 Rp ($3,25-5,7)
  • Baby T-shirts – 30,000 Rp ($2,18)
  • Men’s Shorts – 60,000-100,000 Rp ($4,4-7)
  • Woman’s Shorts – 65,000 Rp ($4,6)
  • Polo Shirt – 80,000 Rp ($5,7)
  • Skirt – 80,000 Rp ($5,7)
  • Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 or similar) – 266,600 ($ 18,95)
  • Pair of Nike Running Shoes – 817,000 Rp ($57,88)

Note: If you want to leave some memories of your trip to Bali, then custom lapel pins must be a good choice. When you visit Bali, you can feel the local culture and scenery. You can customize some of the special landscapes or landmark buildings you see into pins and match them with the special clothing you bought in Bali. This must be a very interesting and meaningful thing for you.

Customized distinctive lapel pins not only play a decorative role but can also be given as gifts to relatives and friends.

Prices for excursions, recreation, and entertainment in Bali


Many attractions in Bali can be visited as part of the tour, but it is more convenient and easier to rent a motorbike or car and drive there.

In this case, you will need to pay only the entrance fee, and you will be able to stay longer if you like the place.

Here are prices of the entrance fee to the popular sights in Bali:

  • Tirta Empul Temple – 20,000 Rp ($1,3)
  • Jatiluvih Rice Terraces – 20,000 Rp ($1,3)
  • Mount Batur and its Lake – 25,000 Rp ($1,8)
  • Besakih Temple – 15,000 Rp($1,1)
  • Bali Botanical Garden – 18,000 Rp ($1,32)
  • Lake Tamblingan – 15,000 Rp ($1,1)
  • Bratan Temple and its Lake – 30,000 Rp ($2,18)
  • Tirta Gangga Royal Water Garden – 20,000 Rp ($1,3)
  • Bali Butterfly Park – 85,000 Rp ($6)
  • Gitgit Waterfall – 20,000 Rp ($1,3)
  • Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave – 15,000 Rp ($1,1)
  • Ubud Monkey Forest – 20,000 Rp ($1,3)


Prices for the most popular excursions:

  • Fishing in Nusa Lembongan – 649,000 Rp ($46,2)
  • Mont Agung Trekking – 1,428,000 Rp ($101,4)
  • Swimming with Dolphins – 1,363,000 Rp ($98,7)
  • Jungle Trekking – 780,000 Rp ($56,32)
  • Elephant Park Bali – 896,000 Rp ($65,55)

Massage prices in Bali

Prices can vary depending on where you go, but most places will charge around Rp 90 000 for a 1-hour massage. Convert that into USD, and it’s about $6 or $7. On the streets of Legian, Seminyak, and Kuta, massage parlors are located every 50 meters. All of them are clean and will provide a message at a high level.

Prices for transport and car/motorbike rental in Bali 


If you are tired of air-conditioned Bali transportation, and if you want to travel like a local, then it’s time you tried riding a bemo. “Bemo” is the generic name for Bali’s ubiquitous open-air minibusses, also called “angkot”. Bemos are small enough to negotiate the narrow roads that connect Balinese villages and are cheap enough to accommodate locals on a regular basis. Ticket costs 4,000 – 5,000 Rp ($0,3 -0,35). Riding a bemo is simple. When you are one coming down the road, raise your hand. It will stop for you, and you can get on.

Tourist shuttle buses are considerably more expensive than public buses but are quicker, more comfortable, air-conditioned, and generally more convenient than public transport. The largest operator of tourist shuttle buses is Perama, which operates regular, fixed-price buses to and from the airport, as well as all over the island. The cost of a trip to one side depends on the location – from 10,000 to 70,000 Rp ($0,76-5).


In Bali (just as in Jakarta), taxis are divided into two types – Blue Bird taxis and everyone else. Blue Bird taxis have earned a reputation for being honest dealers in the often-corrupt taxi industry. Non-Blue Bird taxis, on the other hand, are known for dirty tricks – not using their meter and taking roundabout routes, among other things.

Blue Bird taxis are light blue, with a bird logo enclosed in a rounded diamond and “Bali Taxi” emblazoned on the side.

At the airport, taxis are pre-paid at the taxi counter in front, with rates ranging from IDR 70,000 (US$5) for Kuta, to IDR 750,000 (US$60) for fares to Tulamben.

Here are a few tips you may want to keep in mind:

  • Ask the driver to repeat your destination to you, or otherwise ensure that he knows your destination.
  • Make sure the driver uses the meter; say so at the beginning of the trip. If he doesn’t use the meter, he may just be getting ready to gouge you at the end of the trip. If he refuses to use a taxi or makes an excuse, get out and hail another cab.
  • Keep spare change handy. Drivers often claim not to have any change for the fare, so they can then pocket the excess.

Motorbike Rental

Rental motorbikes in Bali are relatively cheap. Scooter can be rented for 700,000 Rp ($49,5) per month. If you want to rent a bike in Bali, the cost will be about 70,000 Rp ($5) per day.

Before you can rent a motorbike in Bali, you must first be able to present a valid international drivers’ permit that specifically covers motorbikes. If you don’t have one, you can spend the morning at the Denpasar Police Office to get a temporary motorbike permit. The procedure involves a written test. The temporary permit is valid for three months after issue.

Car Rental 

The best and cheapest option is to rent a car from local companies. Prices start at $ 15 per day, but for newer cars, the cost will be around $ 20-25 per day. The only big disadvantage of local distributors is practically none of them include insurance.

Prices for accommodation rental in Bali 

  • Apartment with one bedroom in the city center – 4,500,000 Rp Monthly ($320)
  • Apartment with one bedroom outside of the city center – 3,500,000 Rp Monthly ($250)
  • Apartment with three bedrooms in the city center – 8,000,000 Rp Monthly ($570)
  • Apartment with three bedrooms outside of the city center – 6,200,000 Rp Monthly ($445)