25 Cities You Need To See At Least Once In Life

Experts of the world’s largest website for travelers Trip Advisor ranked the 25 cities that most highly appreciated by tourists from all over the world. And the city that ranked first surprised even the authors of the list. If you still don’t have any vacation plans then in this article may be found a few great ideas.

You’ll never guess what capital city has won first place !!

25. San Francisco, USA



The City by the Bay is full of adventures and attractions. You can go to Alcatraz by ferry, try Little Italy cuisine or explore the surrounding hills. The ethnic and cultural composition of San Francisco’s population is one of the most diverse in the United States. Don’t forget to have breakfast at Mama’s, before heading to the Golden Gate Bridge or Coit Tower.

24. Chiang Mai, Thailand



Chiang Mai is much greener and quieter than other cities in Thailand. This fantastic place is called the “Rose of the North” and combines all the unique features of Thai, including the famous temples.

23. Lisbon, Portugal



Lisbon characterized by a combination of medieval and Moorish architecture. The city is under the care of St. George, it is a huge castle. Even the trams in Lisbon can be called historical heritage.

22. Sydney, Australia



Sydney city is famous for its Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and magnificent beaches. Residential areas surrounded by national parks. The coastline is very indented and replete with numerous bays, coves, and islands.

21. Budapest, Hungary


Surrounded by the Danube, the Buda Hills on the west and the Great Plains in the east, Budapest simply immersed in stunning landscapes. The neoclassical architecture of the city is still great, although it bears the scars of World War II.

20. Bangkok, Thailand


kingdom-hall-1480003_1920Bangkok manages to combine the mysterious beauty of the Buddhist temples and crazy nightlife. Also, it is a relatively cheap place to travel.

19. Cape Town, South Africa



This city surrounded by miles of ocean, pristine beaches, and a magnificent mountain range. Cape Town is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Africa with colonial roots that are still evident in its architecture.

18. Chicago, USA



Chicago is a stronghold of the American Midwest, the birthplace of the blues, and a hotbed of jazz culture. Modern Chicago is considered the home of the best sitcoms in the United States.

17. Dubai, UAE



If you are not interested in historical sights and want to see a futuristic metropolis, then Dubai is a perfect place for you. This famous city is known for Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, as well as the amazing artificial islands and the best beaches.

16. St. Petersburg, Russia



Travelers all over the world find Petersburg the most European of all Russian cities because of its neoclassical architecture, numerous art galleries, and underground clubs.