Top Haunted Airbnb Stays in the USA to Book for Halloween

Want a Halloween night you’ll never forget? Calling all thrill-seekers who are looking to add a spooky touch to their Halloween festivities — Airbnb is offering travelers a chance to stay in some remarkably creepy places just in time for the scariest holiday of the year.

Check out these haunted Airbnb properties across the USA that you can stay in for the Halloween season. A few of these Airbnb stays are in major cities, but most of them lie far off the beaten path—away from anyone who might hear your screams.

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Troy, NY: The Enslin Mansion 

Host Michele reports are that all the rooms are haunted but the basement and attic are heavily filled with active spirits. Ghost hunters will find only mischievous spirits here as they like to play tricks on guests like hiding keys or tapping on doors.


Wake Forest, North Carolina: The Stroud House Haunted AirBnB

Book a suite in this decades-old house and keep your eyes open for strange happenings. Host David is the great-grandson of the original owner, Reverend Stroud. Immediately upon moving into this house in the late 1900s, mysterious events started happening to David and his family. Orbs the size of a dime have been seen in the dining room floating visibly, and there’s a music box that turns itself on playing nursery songs. This stay may leave you seriously spooked.


Oberlin, Ohio: Inspiration House

See the darker side of Ohio in this stay filled with ghostly greetings. Guest reviews comment hearing someone pacing slowly upstairs with heavy work boots along with hearing scratching on the hardwood – could it be the former owner, James, and his pet terrier? Travelers will also be amazed by the hosts’ wide knowledge of the afterlife as she is a psychic and occult researcher, too.


Denver, Colorado: The Lumber Baron’s Mansion

Architecture buffs will love the stately appearance of this historic Victorian in Denver’s Potter-Highlands neighborhood. John Mouat, a wealthy lumber baron, built the mansion in the 1890s to show off the wood his company sold (each room featured a different type). As the decades passed, the once-affluent neighborhood became a little seedier, the Moaut family moved away and the house was converted into apartments. One tenant, Kara Kanoch, and her friend, Marianne Weaver, were killed in the building: Police suspected the murders were the result of a burglary gone wrong, though they never caught the killer. To this day, visitors still report sightings of two female spirits in the Valentine Suite—the exact spot where both women died.


Jerome, Arizona: The Super Haunted Mining Town

The Jewel of Jerome is situated on 10 acres with a spacious lawn, rose garden, and small fruit orchard. A former copper mining town, Jerome has a reputation as the most haunted place in Arizona. The hosts of this quaint Airbnb have even spotted a few apparitions, including a thin lady dressed in white with dark hair, a grumpy old miner, and a tall gentleman wearing a top hat. On occasion, there is faint parlor music and wind chimes sound with no wind.


The Ghost Town Hotel

Escape the city and experience the real wild west in comfort and in an amazing historical setting. Rumors of spirits and apparitions swirl around the abandoned Old Cuchillo Hotel in the ghost town of the same name. Brave travelers can still spend the night in the historic adobe hotel at the former stagecoach shop. Check out the abandoned saloon, general store, stables, and post office during your stay—if you dare.


Galax, Virginia: Remote Mountain Cabin in the Woods 

The interior of this house is uncannily similar to the interior of the house from Evil Dead and Cabin in the Woods. A faraway, rustic getaway, this logged cabin is something of a dream for antique and vintage horror lovers. With photogenic collectibles and interiors, this house serves as the ultimate fall photo session.


Saint Paul, Minnesota: The Manor Master Chamber 

Interested in something that is not “run of the mill”? Look no further… The Manor was built in 1883 and remained in the same family for several generations. This dungeon-styled home is something out of a medieval Tudor home.

The interior of the house is less imposing than the exterior. The inside is adorned with cozy antiques, lively plants, and warm colors. The host also encourages murder mystery parties and photo shoots. Visit this preserved, welcoming dungeon perfect for your haunted, snug backdrop.


Amityville, NY: Amityville Village Spacious Victorian Home 

Looking through all these Airbnbs, it’d be a shame to not include a house near the actual Amityville house. In Jaws, the book, the beach where the great white attacks are right along the coastline of Amity. Styled like an old Victorian home, this house gives your typical cozy American dream house a twist of terror.


Gettysburg, PA: The Civil War Field Hospital

The David Stewart Farm is located in historic Gettysburg, PA. The farmhouse & barn were used as a civil war field hospital immediately after the Battle of Gettysburg, so you can only imagine how many ghosts have been spotted here. Prepare yourself for the possibility of seeing multiple apparitions: The host says she has seen many over the years, but promises they’re all friendly. The bedroom you’ll be staying in is also decked out in period decor to really put you in the 19th-century frame of mind.


Hudson, NY: Asian Room in the Cemetary Schoolhouse  

This “schoolhouse” is a collection of Airbnbs in one massive house. Grabbed from its description, the house is a four-room schoolhouse. Also built in 1900 near one of America’s most historic cemeteries: The Cedar Park cemetery. As pictured, this view gives total Pet Semetary vibes.


Savannah, Georgia: The 18th Century Cottage

This space is an official designated historical district within a small urban woodland. Located in Savannah’s Landmark Historic District, you’ll be able to sip a cocktail on the front porch rocking chairs while horse-drawn carriages walk by. Oh, and Laura is the name of the ghost that haunts this small, 18th-century cottage. Not much is known about the apparition, but it said that she lived there when she was alive and tended to the garden. The report of paranormal activity has included opening windows and turning off and on lights.


Elk Creek, Virginia: Stafford Retreat Home

Beautiful Mountain cabin with city amenities to help you relax and enjoy nature to it’s fullest. Many outdoor activities nearby to enjoy for an exciting stay and a life long time of memories.

With its 70’s wood appeal, this house can go from homey to killer lumberjack in seconds. Even its picture is something seen out of the title card of a nature horror thriller. Surrounded by 75 acres of land and lake, it’d be a perfect venue for 70’s themed horror celebration.


Aspers, Pennsylvania: Gettysburg Historic Lookout House

In the midst of historic Gettysburg, travelers have found this house to be riddled with supernatural activity. In one bedroom, guests have reportedly seen a man in a uniform with his arms crossed standing in the corner and have heard footsteps walk down the attic stairs which is currently “unoccupied.”

The host, Pam, suspects the space is still inhabited by the original homeowner and Confederate soldier, Henry Gaugher. At night, travelers recount hearing women giggling down the hallways and their turn-of-the-century dresses swishing by. But don’t fear, guest reviews swear the spirits are friendly.